William Denney

Dr. William Denney founded Human Predictions after 8 years working inside large pharmaceutical companies and has over 20 years of experience in mathematical modeling. Prior to starting Human Predictions, Bill was a Director of Clinical Pharmacology at Pfizer combining the science of drug development, the art of clinical trial execution, and the mathematics bringing those together efficiently. At Pfizer, Bill designed clinical development plans, designed and ran clinical studies, quantified clinical and nonclinical study results, and trained colleagues on clinical development and modeling. In this position, he developed MBMA tools and models to enhance transparency and understanding of internal development compounds, marketed therapies, and competitive research. He led the team that developed a tool to efficiently review ongoing clinical study datasets for trend reviews of both safety and efficacy. He pioneered new methods for understanding precision of clinical trials and optimization of new trial design based on prior studies.

Prior to Pfizer, Bill worked at Merck in the Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics department. In that position, he provided insight to development teams on the translation of nonclinical drug metabolism and pharmacology into clinical study requirements and strategy. He also developed models that enabled inexpensive nonclinical studies to focus and eliminate clinical studies for both cost and time savings.

Throughout his time in the pharmaceutical industry, Bill has called on his decade of computer science and information technology experience to build quality and efficiency into his analyses and designs.

Bill received his PhD and Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and his Bachelor’s of Science (with high honors) from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Bill’s publications